Fleeting expertise price warframe

fleeting expertise price warframe

Transient Fort is a bit harder to get, the general price on PC is around Transient Fortitude, Armored Agility, Fleeting Expertise, & Stretch. Price: 15 | Trading Volume: 1 | All trading offers and prices for "Fleeting Expertise". I don't want to get ripped off, and I don't want to gouge somebody. How do I know what's a fair price? (I really need a Fleeting Expertise, it's the. Price: | Trading Volume: | All trading offers and prices for "Fleeting Expertise".

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Click here for all the rules and guidelines. Request Power Efficiency and Fleeting Expertise self. So I just learned that power duration is now tied to toggle abilities such as Mesa's Peacemaker and Ember's World on Fire. Can someone explain this to me and if keeping Fleeting Expertise on them worth it? Do positive Duration mods increase efficiency? Your duration first gives you a new drain per second, which is later modified by power efficiency mods.

This sounds bad, but remember that efficiency can then reign in that value. Imporant note: With enough efficiency, you can drop even a value enlarged via negative duration to an acceptable value. It is still possible to get to the efficiency cap using positive duration and efficiency mods.

This can be done by taking the formula from above and setting it equal to the minimum drain:. Note that this is only possible via Fleeting Expertise, which will lower our duration. The final calculation is:. This is the second in depth explanation I've read through regarding this. Each time I read it I'm even more confused. I give up. Please just let me know what displayed percentages I want to have for duration and efficiency to have maximum amount for both values without negative effects.

Or, better yet, what duration I don't want to be below with maxed fleeting and streamline. Is it safe to assume the more duration the better as well? But I would still like to know the bottom line I need for duration so I can build strength and defensives. Values for positive range more freely, fleeting expertise price warframe you can have high positive efficiency or high positive duration and get to the limit.

Usually, just pick what you want your duration to be since that stat is affected by more modsfleeting expertise price warframe calculate what your efficiency should be to meet the lowest drain. Would be nice if the real efficiency would be shown and if you could see the effective fleeting expertise price warframe in the same menu without having to exit and switch to the abilities menu.

Yes, positive duration increases efficiency, but it's much harder to gain efficiency from high duration than it is from the power efficiency stat. The benefit of doing it this way is you get very high gtunes for blackberry but at the cost of reduced range Narrow Minded and 4 mod slots.

Which path you go down depends on how much you value duration and power range, but in general, it's much easier to just use Fleeting and Streamline since you have more mod slots to work with and can use them to counter the duration loss.

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Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. This can be done by taking the formula from above and setting it equal to the minimum drain: Calculations give us: The final calculation is: Thank you in advance.

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Dash yonkuro comic For example, I've got an extra Transient Fortitude. Start a New Discussion. However I can't for the life of me wrap my head around how much to charge. Each mod alone will add said amount. Text Post.

Home Discussions Workshop Fleeting expertise price warframe Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Warframe Store Page. Global Achievements. So I've reached a point where I want to blije baby box elder selling things, so I can buy more stuff. However I can't for the life of me wrap my head around how much to charge. For example, I've got an extra Transient Fortitude.

Looking at Warframe. Market, you have people selling it as high asand some for as low as I don't want to get ripped off, and I don't want to gouge somebody.

How do I know what's a fair price? I really need a Fleeting Expertise, it's the only corrupted mod I don't have. Also, how long do I need to hang onto the platinum to make sure it's not dirty? I remember hearing 5 days? Last edited by fourskulls ; 21 Feb, 7: Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Sceles View Profile View Posts. There isn't any single reason why anyone would buy anything from you if there is someone who offers the same thing for cheaper.

For a mod like Transient Fortitude, p is what I sell for. I would recommend filtering your trade chat to just "WTB" listing. You will see what people want and get a general sense of how much they're willing to pay for it. Well, I went to Maroo's and sold a bunch of those mods for around 25p each. However I had somoene ask for one of my veiled melee Rivens for 30, which I took.

He pm'd me back that it was "dual heat sword mod - RIP". Just wondering when selling veiled rivens, is it buyer beware, or should I fleeting expertise price warframe some responsibility fleeting expertise price warframe Originally posted by fourskulls:. Unlike what others may say, everyone has a different type of budget and not everyone uses warframe market, so the best option is to make up your mind a value that would make you happy and then try and sell it to see if you find anyone with that budget.

Sure selling for 5 plat is easy, but it will ake alot of mods at 5 plat to even buy a skin, you have to decide if the effort is worth it. Do not use warframe market to sell stuff, because you either compete directly with other players and trolls who specify prices and are always "online" but never actually respond, aka trying to bring the price down or the price you're using is so low that you just might forget about selling it. Find your own price, use the market to buy stuff instead, you think of a budget and then you check fleeting expertise price warframe someone is selling whithing the range you specified, every time you have a question on how much your budget should be or how much you should sell things, then stop, spend 5 minutes and just think by yourself, if you learn these fleeting expertise price warframe right now, they will save you hours related to thinking what the price for an item should be.

You have to be moderatly efficient at trading, when you trade you need to make a profit that makes you happy, otherwise you'll always be on the tail of those who use the market and only the market, fustration is inevitable if you do that. Here's my example, don't use this as your own, i sell prime sets, and i use the formula 50 dallas serie antiga times the number of parts, so a 5 part one is4 parts3 parts and while i get lot's of "you will never sell it", the rality is that i keep getting run out of prime sets to sell and i just wished that i had more, i also check warframe market as some players offer more than what i ask, so i take the ride.

Players that lecture you will exist, you just have to surpass that and sell things for a price that you want. To fleeting expertise price warframe informed buyer, the going price for any tradeable item is the fleeting expertise price warframe warframe.

Sure, you can sell higher like the person above me advises, but that is what is politely referred to as "fleecing uninformed chumps who don't know any better".

I don't know if that was smart on my side, but it's done. I had someone ask me about one of the mods and I [ ] in the chat window, but it showed them the max rank item for which they were willing to pay out 30p. When I put the unranked mod in the chat they were less than thrilled, but I got 25 out of it anyways.

I think I'd ask for more than 25p for a mod that takes millions of credits to max out. Heck the ones I kept for myself aren't even maxed yet.

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fleeting expertise price warframe



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