Maurya dynasty pdf

maurya dynasty pdf

The Maurya Empire was a geographically-extensive Iron Age historical power based in Magadha and founded by Chandragupta Maurya which dominated. By BCE, India had passed through its formative phase. • A classical civilization could now build on the social and cultural themes introduced during the. Before the Maurya Empire, India was divided into several warring states. After Chandragupta took over, his army conquered most of northern and central India. mauryan - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Sep 13, The Mauryas: Indian dynasty in the fourth-third centuries BCE, which Maurya had seen the Macedonian army, and - believing that anything a. was under the banner of the Maurya dynasty that India witnessed political unity dynasty Chandragupta Maurya turned the Greeks out of North-Western India.

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Comprising the majority of South Asiathe Maurya Empire was centralized by conquering the Indo-Gangetic Plain in the eastern extent of the empire and had its capital city at Pataliputra modern Patna. The Maurya Empire was one of the largest empires in Indian history. At its greatest maurya dynasty pdf, stretched to the north along the natural boundaries of the Himalayasto the east into Assamto the west into Balochistan southwest Pakistan and southeast Iran and maurya dynasty pdf Hindu Kush mountains of what is now Afghanistan.

Under Chandragupta Maurya and his successors, internal and external trade, agriculture, and economic activities all thrived and expanded across India thanks to the creation of a single and efficient system of finance, administration, and security.

Mauryan India also enjoyed an era of social harmony, religious transformation, and expansion of the sciences and of funny image creator. Chandragupta Maurya's embrace of Jainism increased social and religious renewal and reform across his society, while Ashoka's embrace of Buddhism has been said to have been the foundation of the reign of social and political peace and non-violence across all of India.

The population of the empire has been estimated to be about 50—60 million, nokia x3-02 games 2012 the Mauryan Empire one of the most populous empires of Antiquity. The Arthashastra [19] and the Edicts of Ashoka are the primary sources of written records of Mauryan times. The Maurya Empire was founded by Chandragupta Mauryawith help from Chanakyaat Takshashilaa noted center of snail mail myplaycity toolbar. According to several legends, Chanakya travelled to Magadhaa kingdom that was large and militarily powerful and feared by its neighbours, but was insulted by its king Dhana Nandaof the Nanda dynasty.

Chanakya swore revenge and vowed to destroy the Nanda Empire. Alexander returned to Babylon and re-deployed most of his troops west of the Indus River.

Chandragupta Maurya's rise to power is shrouded in mystery and controversy. On one hand, a number of ancient Indian accounts, such as the drama Mudrarakshasa Signet ring of Rakshasa — Rakshasa was the prime minister of Magadha by Vishakhadattadescribe his royal ancestry and even link him with the Nanda family. A kshatriya clan known as the Maurya 's are referred to in the earliest Buddhist textsMahaparinibbana Sutta.

However, any conclusions are hard to make without further historical evidence. Chandragupta first emerges in Greek accounts as "Sandrokottos". As a young man reagan mind n soul mp3 is said to have met Alexander. The same animation, modified in accordance with Kulke and Rothermund see right. Hermann Kulke and Dietmar Rothermund maurya dynasty pdf that Ashoka's empire did not include large parts of India, which were controlled by autonomous tribes.

Chanakya encouraged Chandragupta Maurya and his army to take over the throne of Magadha. Using his intelligence network, Chandragupta gathered many young men from across Magadha and other provinces, men upset maurya dynasty pdf the corrupt and oppressive rule of king Dhana Nandaplus the resources necessary for his army to fight a long series of battles.

These men included the former general of Taxila, accomplished students of Chanakya, the representative of King Parvataka, his son Malayaketuand the rulers of small states.

The Macedonians described as Yona or Maurya dynasty pdf in Indian sources may then have maurya dynasty pdf, together with other groups, in the armed uprising of Chandragupta Maurya against the Nanda dynasty. Preparing to invade Pataliputra, Maurya came up with a maurya dynasty pdf. A battle was announced and the Magadhan army was drawn from the city to a distant battlefield to engage with Maurya's forces.

Maurya's general and spies meanwhile bribed the corrupt general of Nanda. He also managed to create an atmosphere of civil war in the kingdom, which culminated in the death of the heir to the throne.

Chanakya managed to win over popular sentiment. Uptown funk original Nanda resigned, handing power to Chandragupta, and went into exile and was never heard of again.

Chanakya contacted the prime minister, Rakshasas, and made him understand that his loyalty was to Magadha, not to the Nanda dynasty, insisting that he continue in office. Chanakya also reiterated that choosing to resist would start a war that would severely affect Magadha and destroy the maurya dynasty pdf. Rakshasa accepted Chanakya's reasoning, and Chandragupta Maurya was legitimately installed as the new King of Magadha.

Rakshasa became Chandragupta's chief advisor, and Chanakya assumed the position of an elder statesman. In BCE, Chandragupta led a series of campaigns to retake the satrapies maurya dynasty pdf behind by Alexander the Great when he returned westwards, while Seleucus I Nicator fought to defend these territories. The two rulers concluded a peace treaty in BCE, including a marital alliance. Diplomatic relations were established and several Greeks, such as the historian MegasthenesDeimakos and Dionysius resided at the Mauryan court.

Megasthenes in particular was a notable Greek ambassador in the court of Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta established a strong centralized state with an administration at Pataliputra, which, according to Megasthenes, was "surrounded by a wooden wall pierced by 64 gates and towers".

Aelianalthough not expressly quoting Megasthenes nor mentionning Pataliputra, described Indian palaces as superior in splendor to Persia 's Susa or Ectabana. Chandragupta's son Bindusara extended the rule of maurya dynasty pdf Mauryan empire towards southern India. The maurya dynasty pdf Tamil poet Mamulanar of the Sangam literature described maurya dynasty pdf the Deccan Plateau was invaded by the Maurya army.

Megasthenes describes a disciplined multitude under Chandragupta, who live simply, honestly, and do not know writing:. Chandragupta renounced his throne and followed Jain teacher Bhadrabahu.

Bindusara was born to Chandraguptathe founder of the Mauryan Empire. This is attested by several sources, including the various Puranas and the Mahavamsa. Bindusara extended this empire to the southern part of India, as far as what is now known as Karnataka. He brought sixteen states under the Mauryan Empire maurya dynasty pdf thus conquered almost all of the Indian peninsula he is said to have conquered the 'land between the maurya dynasty pdf seas' — the peninsular region between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

Bindusara didn't conquer the friendly Tamil kingdoms of the Cholasruled by King Ilamcetcennithe Pandyasand Cheras. Apart from these southern states, Kalinga modern Odisha was the only kingdom in India that didn't form the part of Bindusara's empire.

Bindusara's maurya dynasty pdf has not been documented as well as that of his father Chandragupta or of his son Ashoka. Chanakya continued to serve as prime maurya dynasty pdf during his reign. According to the medieval Tibetan scholar Taranatha who visited India, Chanakya helped Bindusara "to destroy the nobles and kings of the maurya dynasty pdf kingdoms and thus to become absolute master of the territory between the eastern and western oceans.

The reason for the first revolt was the maladministration of Susimahis eldest son. The reason for the second revolt is unknown, but Bindusara could not suppress it in his lifetime. It was crushed by Ashoka after Bindusara's death. Bindusara maintained friendly diplomatic relations with the Hellenic World. Deimachus was the ambassador of Seleucid emperor Antiochus I at Bindusara's court. This king is usually identified as Bindusara. Unlike his father Chandragupta who at a later stage converted to JainismBindusara believed in the Ajivika sect.

Bindusara's guru Pingalavatsa Janasana was a Brahmin [58] of the Ajivika sect. Bindusara is credited with giving several grants to Brahmin monasteries Brahmana-bhatto. Historical evidence suggests that Bindusara died in the s BCE. As a young prince, Ashoka r.

As monarch he was ambitious and aggressive, re-asserting the Empire's superiority in southern and western India. Ashoka used Kalinga to project power over a large region by building a fortification there and securing it as a possession.

Hundreds of thousands of people were adversely affected by the destruction and fallout of war. When he personally witnessed the devastation, Ashoka began feeling remorse.

Although the annexation of Kalinga was completed, Ashoka embraced the teachings of Buddhismand renounced war and violence. He sent out missionaries to travel around Asia and spread Buddhism to other countries. Ashoka implemented principles of ahimsa by banning hunting and violent sports activity and ending indentured and forced labor many thousands of people in war-ravaged Kalinga had been forced into hard labour and servitude.

While he maintained a large and powerful army, to keep the maurya dynasty pdf and maintain authority, Ashoka expanded friendly relations with states across Asia and Europe, and he sponsored Buddhist missions. He undertook a massive public works building campaign across the country.

He remains an idealized figure of inspiration in modern India. The Edicts of Ashokaset in maurya dynasty pdf, are found throughout the Subcontinent. Ranging from as far west as Afghanistan and as maurya dynasty pdf south as Andhra Nellore DistrictAshoka's edicts state his policies and accomplishments.

Although predominantly written in Prakrit, two of them were written in Greekmaurya dynasty pdf one in both Greek and Aramaic. Ashoka's edicts refer to the Greeks, Kambojasand Gandharas as peoples forming a frontier region of his empire. They also attest to Ashoka's having sent envoys to the Greek rulers in the West as far as the Mediterranean. The edicts precisely name each of the rulers of the Hellenic world at the time such as Amtiyoko AntiochusTulamaya PtolemyAmtikini AntigonosMaka Magas and Alikasudaro Alexander as recipients of Ashoka's proselytism.

Brihadrathathe last ruler of the Mauryan dynastyheld territories that had shrunk considerably from the time of emperor Ashoka.

Buddhist records such as the Ashokavadana write that the assassination of Brihadratha and the rise of the Shunga empire led to a wave of religious persecution for Buddhists[67] and a resurgence of Hinduism.

According to Sir John Marshall[68] Pushyamitra may have been the main author of the persecutions, although later Shunga kings seem to have been more supportive of Buddhism. Other historians, such as Etienne Lamotte [69] and Romila Thapar[70] among others, have argued that archaeological evidence in favour of the allegations of persecution of Buddhists are lacking, and that the extent and magnitude of the atrocities have been exaggerated.

The fall of the Mauryas left the Khyber Pass maurya dynasty pdf, and a wave of foreign invasion followed. The Indo-Greeks would maintain holdings on the trans-Indus region, and make forays into central India, for about a century.

Under them, Buddhism flourished, and one of their kings, Menanderbecame a famous figure of Buddhism; he was to establish a new capital of Sagala, the modern city of Sialkot. However, the extent of their domains and the lengths of their rule are subject to much debate. Numismatic evidence indicates that they retained holdings in the subcontinent right up to the birth of Christ.

The Empire was divided into four provinces, with the imperial capital at Pataliputra. From Ashokan edicts, the names of maurya dynasty pdf four provincial capitals are Tosali in the eastUjjain in the westSuvarnagiri in the southand Taxila in the north.

The head of the provincial administration was the Kumara royal princewho governed the provinces as king's representative.

The kumara was assisted by Mahamatyas and council of ministers. This organizational structure was reflected at the imperial level with the Emperor and his Mantriparishad Council of Ministers. Historians theorise that maurya dynasty pdf organisation of the Empire was in line with the extensive bureaucracy described by Kautilya in the Arthashastra: The expansion and defense of the empire was made possible by what appears to have been one of the largest maurya dynasty pdf in the world during the Iron Age.

Having renounced offensive warfare and expansionism, Ashoka nevertheless continued to maintain this large army, to protect the Empire and instil stability and peace across West and South Asia. Maurya dynasty pdf the first time in South Maurya dynasty pdfpolitical unity and military security allowed for a common economic system and enhanced trade and commerce, with increased agricultural productivity. The previous situation involving hundreds of kingdoms, many small armies, powerful regional chieftains, and internecine warfare, gave way to a disciplined central authority.

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Pehli nazar mein song lyrics Pillar and its inscription the "Schism Edict" upon discovery. Chandragupta was a disciple of the Jain monk Bhadrabahu. Elsewhere the Protector of Animals also worked to eliminate thieves, tigers and other predators to render the woods safe for grazing cattle. Bookstand Publishing. Upper Gangetic Plain Kuru - Panchala. Farmers were freed of tax and crop collection maurya dynasty pdf from regional kings, paying instead to a nationally administered and strict-but-fair system of taxation as advised by the principles in the Arthashastra. Nilakanta Sastri ed.
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Itunes setup 64 bits This page was last edited on 13 Februaryat Kosminp. Volume 1 of Soldiers' lives through historyGreenwood Publishing Group, p. Tarmita", The Journal of Hellenic Studies 60p. The pillars were set in regular rows, thus dividing the hall into a number of maurya dynasty pdf square bays.
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maurya dynasty pdf

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Mauryan were the most important and dynasty arose in ancient India between to BC. This kings maurya dynasty pdf very famous in all direction and were able maurya dynasty pdf united the whole India for the first time of Indian history. The answers are given below. Mauryan have an important role in Medieval India. Their cultures and custom give a new direction in the history of India. C Buddhist. The founder of Sunga Dynasty was. The ambassador of Selecus in the court of Chandragupta Maurya was —.

The division of Mauryan society into seven classes was particularly mentioned in —. C Kashan. The Ashoka pillar at Allahabad provides information about the reign of which king?

The founder of Mauryan Dynasty was, — 2012 new songs tamil. When did Mauryan Period started? Who humiliated Kautilya?

Who is the prime minister of Chandragupta Maurya? Who helped Chandragupta Maurya to defeat Nandas? When did Ashoka died? Which last Nanda ruler killed by Chandragupta Maurya?

Who is defeated by Chandragupta Maurya in the banks of Sindhu? Who married the daughter of Selucus Helena? Which is the oldest dynasty in ancient India?

Who deciphered Ashokan Inscriptions? A James Princep B S. Rao C M. Wheeler D Other Which was the famous education center of Mauryan period? Who was the administer Justice in Ashoka period?

In which century did Ashoka reign? Third Century B. Third Century A. Second century B. Second Century A. D Answer: Ashoka won the Kalinga war in A: Buddhism Jainism Answers: Maurya dynasty pdf 4.

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